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Shed Cladding

Shiplap is our standard board for our timber buildings. Loglap is available as an option on some buildings.


The log cabin style timber board. Thicker 19mm board, each board interlocks the boards above and below. A much stronger and neater finish.

Log Lap Shed Cladding


The traditional garden shed timber board cut.
12mm boards, each board overlaps the one below.

Ship Lap Shed Cladding

Additional Side Window Opening Style

These opening styles refer to side windows on various buildings: left side or right side looking from the front.

There is an additional single fixed version of Style 1, and double fixed version of style 2.

The Georgian style is intended for summerhouses.

Style 1

Single unit

Style 2

Double unit, single opener

Style 3

Triple unit, centre opener


Fixed Georgian

Summerhouse Windows

The first option is Classic or Georgian style for the summerhouse. The first image is a Classic design with full-length toughened glass windows and optional Classic side window, the second is Georgian style.

For the Classic style, there is an option for an additional fixed Classic, full height, toughened glass windows in one or both sides.

For the Georgian style, there is an option for an additional fixed or opening Georgian window in one or both sides. There is also an option for one or both front Georgian windows to be openers.

Summerhouse side window
georgian style windows

Door and Hinge Position

This applies where the door is to one side of the building. Door left / hinge left and door right / hinge right both allow the door to open to the outside edge of the building. The choice very much depends on where the building is sited, and where walls and fences might be.

Door left hinge left
Door left, hinge left
Door left hinge right
Door left, hinge right
Door right hinge right
Door right, hinge right
Door right hinge left
Door right, hinge left

Shed Door Style

The standard shed door is 27″ wide.

The stable door is 26″ wide

The wide door is 33″ wide (not shown).

The double door is 45″ wide

Door right hinge right
Standard 27″ Door
shed stable door
Stable Door
Shed Double Door Option
Double Door

Pressure Treated Base

This option provides a solid base for your timber building to raise it off the ground.

The base will allow for extra air flow under your timber building, and prevent your floor from soaking up any moisture from underneath.

Bases are made from pressure treated 90mm x 45mm timber with a brace in 2 corners.

When installed the base will be leveled with timber stakes where required, to ensure a perfect level base, with up to a 4″ fall on unlevel ground.

Please select a base size the SAME as your shed size when ordering.

Shed Pressure Treated Base
Pressure Treated Base

Rubber Roof Covering

The standard roof covering is Heavy Duty Mineral (Polyester) Felt. See 3rd image.

A Rubber Roof Covering is available as an option with a 25 year warranty. It is strong, durable with a long life span, eco-friendly, easy to repair if damaged, aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Please select the size the SAME as your shed size when ordering.

Rubber Roof Covering on Building
Rubber Roof
Heavy Duty Roof covering Sample
Rubber Sheet
Standard Heavy Duty Felt Roof Covering
Nailed Felt Roof

Shelving Options

Shelves are available in 6 widths: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 10ft. The shelves are 16″ deep. Put the number of each size you want when ordering. Shelves are installed during the on-site build.

Security and Other Door Options

Security is important, so small and simple enhancements can make a big difference.

Cabin Hook: A hook to hold the door open. This only works when a door opens and swings onto a building wall.

Hinge Security Bolts

A bolt through each side of the hinge. Screwed hinges can be unscrewed, this option prevents removal of the hinge.

Shed Door Hinge Bolt Option

Heavy Duty Hinges

Larger and stronger hinges, harder to bend, cut or remove.

Shed Door Heavy Duty Hinge Option

Heavy Duty Hasp

Larger and stronger hasp, harder to bend and cut, suitable for larger and stronger padlock.

Shed Door Heavy Duty Hasp

Pull Handle

Not really a security option! This makes it easier to open and close a door.

Shed Door Pull Handle

Heavy Duty Floor

22mm tongue and groove flooring. These are thicker floor panels to support more weight. It is only offered on the heavy-duty workshop and garage. The price is calculated as 10% of the standard building cost.

This is a lot stronger and thicker version of the standard floor.

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