Terms and Conditions


The price the customer will pay for an item will be as shown for that item at the time the order is placed. All prices shown on the website are in British Pounds Sterling £ and include VAT.


The contract between Lancs & Yorks Shed Company and the customer will be in force when payment is received by us and you have received confirmation by e-mail that your order has been accepted.

All our products are bespoke and manufactured to order.


The customer is advised that it is their responsibility to:

  • Make sure that there is clear access to the chosen area where the building will be sited
  • That there is a level base and it is flat ground.
  • Ensure an access height of at least 8 feet at all points

The team will not be able to:

  • Go through any property
  • Go over garages, walls, fences or other obstacles, or under low trees
  • Take down arches or fences.

When taking your shed to your chosen area we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to property, vehicles or driveways.

If there is not a clear way through to the chosen area we will need to rebook a new date and will be at a cost of £100 refit charge.


Wind, rain and sunshine are natural, and all affect wood. It is your responsibility to ensure that your timber building is fully waterproof, so we suggest you use a waterproof paint or oil treatment. Your garden building is protected against wood rot and insect infestation with a 10 year guarantee.


Timber is a living product that can split, twist, warp, shrink, swell, with knot holes and colour variations. This is out of our control, and we cannot be held responsible for these, however these will not affect the structure of your building.

The Building

The building remains the property of Lancs & Yorks Shed Company until paid for in full and before it is installed. Payment can be by credit card over the phone, calling into our showroom, or paying with cash.


All dimensions are approximate.

Dimensions are roof sizes Not floor sizes. Floor sizes are 2″ smaller

Delivery Dates

Lead times are usually accurate. But actual delivery times can change at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control, even on the day itself. Our apologies if this happens.

All Faults

Faults must be reported within 24 hours of your building installation, with photo and graphic evidence please. If we receive no complaint within that period of time, we will take it that you are happy with the structure and installation of your timber building.


If a refund is required, a £35 admin fee and the £100 deposit taken at the time of the booking your garden building will not be refunded as this is used to secure your date and timber order.

If your building has already been installed by our team, and they need to return, there will be a £200 charge for dismantling and collection.

All extras and upgrades added at the time of purchase will not be refunded.

All agreed refunds will be made within 14 days.

Security and Payment

This website is protected by a security certificate, you will see a small padlock in browser which you can click to view the certificate. All personal details are encrypted when providing order details and when payment is taken using Stripe. 

Your Rights

We trade in accordance with the laws and statutes in force in the United Kingdom.

Main Terms and Conditions

    (a). Unless otherwise agreed in writing these conditions will govern all contracts including all on-line contracts for the sale of the Company’s goods or the supply of its services. Any qualification, amendment or addition to these conditions imposed by the Customer will not apply unless expressly accepted by the Company in writing.
    (a). An order from the Customer shall constitute an offer, and acknowledgement of that order by the Company shall constitute acceptance of the offer. The only representations in connection with the Company’s goods or services for which the Company will accept liability are those specifically referred to in the Company’s price list or quotation.
    (b). All advertised sizes and measurements are an approximation only. The Company will endeavour to make sure that sizes and measurements are as accurate as possible. This will be roof sizes.
    (a). Full payment must be received within 24 hours of delivery or delivery will be delayed or cancelled and we reserve the right to charge you a fee which is sufficient to cover our lost expenses.Your £100 pound deposit.
    (b). Payment can be made Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron. PayPal, Cash. CHEQUES are not accepted.
    (c). The Customer warrants that the credit or debit card used by him in connection with the transaction belongs to him and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to meet the cost of any goods or services ordered from the Company.(d). If a cheque received from the Customer is not paid on the first presentation and the company incurs a charge from the bank then a charge to the customer will be made to cover our costs.(e). Application may be made for an Account, however the application shall be determined in the absolute discretion of the Company; if an Account is approved by the Company then payments are due in full not more than 30 days from the date of invoice.(g). Reservation of Title. All goods supplied by Northwest sheds Ltd remain the property of Northwest sheds ltd until paid for in full.
    (h). Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue from the date when payment becomes due @ 2% per calendar month or part thereof.
    Northwest sheds Ltd offer a 6 month Warranty on all our buildings which covers against product failure through normal use within that period, it does not cover fair wear and tear or damage due to third parties. Should a fault develop within the warranty period we will provide all parts and labour to get the fault rectified.
    (a). Exclusions from our warranty
    any product re-located not carried out by Northwest sheds.
    any product that is installed on a base that does not meet our required criteria.
    (b). Warranty Transfer
    You may transfer our warranty (5) to a person who has acquired the product. The sales receipt will act as proof of warranty and we may require the person to whom the warranty has been transferred to provide this as reasonable evidence that they are now the new owner of the relevant product.
    (a). The Company or the Customer may cancel the contract at any time, prior to the commencement of manufacture of the goods by giving written notice.
    (b). In the event of cancellation before acceptance of an offer, all monies accompanying the Customers order will be returned. See (g)
    (c) In the event of the company cancelling the contract the customer will be entitled to a full refund and compensation for the costs they incurred due to cancellation. If the customer cancels the contract then the company reserves the right to charge for all net costs incurred at the time of cancellation. This will be the £100 deposit paid at the time of your order that secured your delivery and fitting date given to you. The remainder, if any will be returned to the customer.
    (d) If the Customer is not reasonably satisfied with the goods, then the Company will refund all monies paid providing the goods are returned to the Company’s premises, carriage paid, within seven (7 ) days of delivery and are in as good condition as when dispatched by the Company . See (h ).
    (e ) All refunds that may be authorised by the Company will be paid back by the method that the monies were paid.
    (f) The Company will not accept returns or cancellations if the Goods have been erected, altered by applying chemicals or paints to the surfaces or by altering or customising the Goods as his or her own, or that have been made to the Customers personal requirements, i,e; optional fixtures, adaptations, or preferences. The Customer must keep any Goods they intend to return to the Company dry and in good condition as delivered.
    (g ) When ordering via distance means (over the telephone or via the website) you have a right to cancel under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. You have 7 working days from the day after you receive the goods to return them for a full refund. Please contact us in writing (email is sufficient) if you wish to cancel. You are responsible for the return costs. We can also collect the goods from you where a charge will apply. We would request that goods are returned with the original packaging if possible and would like to remind you that you have a statutory duty to take care of the goods.
    (a) The Company will deliver the goods by road to the Customers premises or that of a specified address made at the time of the order by the Customer and it is the Customers responsibility to make necessary arrangements to take delivery of the goods.
    (b) Delivery vehicles will not be driven off road and it is the Customers responsibility to advise us in writing of any narrow lanes, narrow roads, bends, height restrictions, driveways etc, that will impede our delivery vehicle on route to the Customers premises or address.
    (c ) If through lack of advice from the Customer, the Company is unable to deliver the goods to the Customer or in the case of a contract to erect the building on the date that the Company has notified of intended delivery, the Company reserves the right to either:
    ( * ) Stack the goods adjacent to the delivery site or,
    (** ) Return the goods to the Company’s own premises.
    The Company reserves the right to apply a re-delivery charge if (* ) (** ) apply.
    (d) Goods will be delivered to point most convenient from our delivery vehicle, it is the Customers responsibility to provide able-bodied assistance to move the goods to the Customers chosen site.
    (a ) All our products require assembly and in the vast majority of cases are carried out by our experienced team of erectors, when a product is NOT assembled and installed by Northwest sheds Ltd but instead done by the customer through their choice a set of instructions will be supplied at time of delivery. Please follow the assembly instructions precisely, as no refund or replacement will be given for incorrect assembly or installation.
    (b) Roofing felt is delivered in rolls, please take care handling as they are heavy and can damage easily if dropped or manhandled.Exercise care with roofing felt as, if cut incorrectly you may be short, however if you do, you can purchase additional roofing felt at most large D.I.Y retailers.
    (c) All buildings are pre-treated with a factory base coat for protection during storage & transit, The Company therefore recommends the Customer to treat the exterior & interior of the building as soon as possible after installation, with a good quality wood preserver treatment. Timber is porous and the Company also advises the Customer to also apply a good quality waterproof treatment to the exterior to stop water penetration. We don’t sell 100% waterproof garden buildings. The Company advises the Customer to follow all treatment manufacturer’s instructions and treat the building on a regular basis, this will help keep the building in top condition.
    (d ) If the Customer requests the Company to install the goods, then the Customer shall be responsible to the Company for ensuring sufficient parking and clear access to and around the site. Access should be wide enough for a person to walk through without height restrictions, steps, severe turns as some sections of the goods may not be able to negotiate these. For Health and Safety reasons we cannot take panels over fences, walls, hedges, garages. The base will be clear of all rubbish.
    (e) To ensure installation can be completed , the Customer must provide a concrete or paved base, being firm, square, (diagonally ) and level (by spirit level ) – no less than the size of their chosen product,
    (f ) Ensure 600mm (2ft ) unconstructive access is provided all around the proposed site, no trees, branches, or similar encroach upon the working space of the proposed site. And provide clear external pedestrian access (not turn or height limited ) to allow unimpeded passage of the product components and sections.
    (g) If on arrival we find the access to the site or the base prepared by the Customer does not comply with
    7(e ) or 7(f ) then the Customer shall be liable for action of their choosing as defined under 7(h) or 7(i)
    (h ) upon abortive installation, the goods can be left for self assemble by the Customer, but the company reserves the right to charge for costs incurred due to the installation not going ahead.
    (i) Upon abortive installation, the goods can be left until the Customer provides adequate parking or access to the base, or provide an appropriate base as defined in 7 (e ) or 7(f ), at which point a return
    installation visit can be arranged upon payment of an additional payment similar to that defined under 7(h). The initial fee having been retained to account for initial abortive labour costs.(j) If the reason for the callout is the goods do not conform to the contract and/or the installation was not done to a reasonable standard then the call out charge will be refunded.
    (a). Other than for death or personal injury due to the negligence of the Company, liability to the Customer shall not exceed the cost of the goods.
    (b ) The Company may at its option make good, or supply components free of charge, or replace goods manufactured by the Company which are found to be defective by reason of faulty materials or workmanship.
    Under these circumstances the following shall apply:(i ) The Customer should notify the Company in writing or e-mail as soon as the discovery of the defect is found giving full details. The company will then contact the customer to arrange a suitable date and time to inspect the product.
    (ii ) The Company shall have no liability in respect of any defect and/or consequential loss or damage, arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence on the part of the Customer, abnormal conditions including storm damage, failure to follow the Company’s instructions regarding maintenance, advise and/or specification, failure by the Customer to provide adequate site and base work for a building, misuse of the goods, alteration and/or addition to the goods made by the Customer or the Company at his direction.
    (iii) Timber is living, natural material affected by environmental and climatic changes, therefore the Company cannot accept liability for shrinkage, expansion, cracking, warping, variations in colour.
    (c) No exclusions or restrictions contained in this contract apply in relation to the terms implied by the Sale of Goods Act where the Customer ids the Consumer.
    (a ) The Company reserves the right to approve, disapprove or display any Customers review at our discretion. Where we see fit, we may correct the grammar of a Customers review. But not the content unless we feel it is necessary to remove any potentially offensive or unlawful statements.
    ( a ) As the Company has no responsibility over the Customers base then the Customer is responsible for general maintenance of the building after the Company’s installers have left the Customer’s site. Doors and windows may need re-adjusting due to the base being slightly out of level and the building settling to the Customers base. Due to the variations in our climate the roofing felt may experience undulations, this is nothing to cause concern and is beyond the control of the Company. The Company recommends the installation of guttering on all building, and the good ventilation of the interior of the building.
    ( b ) All timber sizes are nominal i.e. before machining.
    ( c ) The Company advises the Customer to insure the building and any contents against all risks.
    ( d ) The Company advises the Customer not to install any electrical products in any of its buildings. If the Customer insists then the Customer should seek a qualified electrician for advise and installation.
    ( e ) These conditions contain the whole of the Company’s liability’s and all conditions & warranties implied by statue common law or trade usage are hereby excluded.
    ( f ) No delay or indulgence by the Company in enforcing any provisions of these conditions shall prejudice or restrict the rights of the Company, nor shall any waiver by the Company of any breach of any provision of these conditions by the Customer be treated as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any provision.
    ( g ) The Company may alter these terms & conditions from time to time and post a new version on the website, following which all use of the website will be governed by the new version. It is the Customers responsibility to check the terms and conditions on the website on a regular basis.
    ( h ) The Company recommend’s to the Customer to print out a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.
    ( I ) These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. For further advice and information on your rights contact Citizen advice on 08454 040506

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